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Fuensanta Hospital

Fuensanta Hospital

Surgical procedures are carried out at the hospital Fuensanta, in Madrid. It is located in C/ Arturo Soria, 17. Tel Number: +34 914 100 200. Arturo Soria is a street well known to locals, with several shopping centers, restaurants and hotels in the area. The hospital has easy access by public transport. A kind and warm staff attends to the care of each patient. Hospital staff comprises most medical specialties and recognized professionals.

The hospital is equipped with up to date operating rooms and an on-site lab that allows families to have the preop tests done on the spot if they wish to do so. It also has a 24 hour Emergency Room, an X- Ray Department, comfortable waiting areas, cafeteria, etc. It has been awarded ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 quality certification. The rooms are single, very large, with handicapped accessible bathrooms. In summary, it is a modern, well equipped hospital designed to make your hospital stay as pleasant as possible.

Duration of the stay

A two day hospital stay is typical, with admission on the day before the procedure and discharge the morning after. If necessary, two additional people can stay with the patient in their room, facilitating care for disabled patients.